On a personal level, I feel that Dolores is almost like Emmeline grown up. Their circumstances are not exactly parallel, but they are both women at very different points in their lives whose stories involve dilemmas with life-changing outcomes.

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Patricia Racette is so committed to authenticity that for her signature role, Cio-Cio San in Madama Butterfly, in which the final scene requires her to commit suicide, she traveled to Japan and studied the ritual of seppukuwith Samurai. Could Method Acting have found a home at the opera?

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Diva on Detour | El Nuevo Herald

“Quizá usted vio a la soprano estadounidense Patricia Racette como la heroína de la ópera Madama Butterfly, de Puccini, que desde el Metropolitan de Nueva York fue transmitida en vivo a cientos de salas de cines del mundo para millones de espectadores. También puede que la haya visto en vivo en alguno de sus múltiples roles operísticos en los que ha sido aplaudida en los escenarios más famosos del mundo. Pero ahora tendrá la oportunidad de conocer a una Racette distinta, más íntima y personal, en el contexto de un concierto de canciones populares en vivo, que se recoge en su nuevo CD, Diva on Detour. Delicioso juego de palabras, porque en más de un sentido esta diva se sale del camino trillado.”

Diva on Detour | kuhf houston public radio

“This is a recording of a performance, and more often than not the individual songs flow into one another.  Patricia Racette is not the first operatic singer to essay popular music—In this instance, a cabaret-style of singing where the microphone is used to project the voice—but, intriguingly, she does not stray from the true character of the voice and there seem to be more similarities than disparities in the Racette who excels as Tosca, Cio-Cio San and other heroines of the Italian verismo and Verdian types and the one heard on this recording.  A different kind of vocal technique is used, truly enough; but she is doing it while she is in her prime, not like some other sopranos who essayed the lighter vein when their stage careers were essentially over.”

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Diva on Detour | Opera Obsession

“Patricia Racette: Diva on Detour (and right at home)

…it turns out the soprano has a voice for Piaf, as well as Puccini, and she sang the cabaret program with the same emotional directness that has won me over in the opera house.”

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